Map Of The Human Methylome

Welcome to the Map of the human methylome.

Methyl Binding Domain based purification of methylated DNA-fragments, followed by second-generation sequencing (MethylCap, also called MiGS and MBDSeq), is one of the most cost-efficient and sensitive methods for completely genome-wide DNA-methylation profiling. This methodology is therefore rapidly gaining interest in the Epigenetics community.

Over the course of the last two years, our lab has optimized this technique and the corresponding data analysis. A special peak-calling algorithm was created which involved the indirect use of the underlying CpG-density, and therefore yields far more relevant information than the application of e.g. ChIP-seq peak calling algorithms.

On this website, you’ll find current and former releases, in addition. A Genome Browser is available here to study our human methylome by browsing to genes and genomic regions.

Latest MHM builds:

MHM Methylome Build 2 – 80 samples with MethylCap-Seq kit – 03/02/2012

MHM Methylome Build 1 – 69 samples with MethylCollector kit – 01/10/2011




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