MHM version 2

This version of the human methylome comprises 80 samples with the following properties:

Enrichment Kit

All samples were enriched with the MethylCap-Seq kit from Diagenode

Samples Origin

Disease Tissue origin Type Number of samples
Cancer colon cell line 1
Colorectal Cancer colon primary sample 7
Neuroblastoma brain primary sample 8
Prostate cancer prostate cell line 2
Cancer blood plasma primary sample 2
Cancer breast cell line 8
Breast cancer breast primary sample 10
Basal cell carcinoma skin primary sample 5
Normal skin Primary sample 4
Normal nose polyps primary sample 6
Normal blood plasma primary sample 2
Normal kidney primary sample 1
Normal melanocytes primary sample 1
Normal stem cell primary cell culture 6
Normal monocytes primary sample 8
Normal thyroid cell line 9


Variables in Bed Format: MHM_VARIABLES_V2.bed

The raw sum of all the peaks is available here: MHM_raw_peaks.tar.gz





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