Simon Denil

My work at BioBix commenced in the fall of 2010 when Wim Van Criekinge and Tim De Meyer assisted me in applying for and obtaining an IWT doctoral research grant. The provisional title of my PhD thesis is “The high-throughput epigenetic characterization of cardiovascular diseases”. More specifically I am researching genome wide CpG-methylation profiles and their correlation with cardiovascular health status.

Next to my core research I have also engaged in various projects on a wide range of topics with bio-informatics and statistics as an underlying theme. Collaborations include research on healthy ageing and telomere length with Ernst Rietzschel of the Asklepios study, rice-parasitic nematodes with Tina Kyndt, colon cancer with Manon Van Engeland, basal cell carcinoma with Maurice van Steensel, …


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